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November 2022 security update kills Kerberos AES usage

On November 8th 2022, Microsoft released a number of updates in the monthly patches.Several issues in Kerberos should be fixed, but the update also creates issues with Kerberos in some circumstances. The update including the issue mentioned below is KB5019964 (server 2016) and potentially KB5020023/KB5020010(2012 R2), KB5019966 (server 2019), KB5019081 (server 2022). I left outMeer lezen over “November 2022 security update kills Kerberos AES usage”

Explorer thumbnail view disabled after running OSOT

When you use VMware view for providing VDI desktops, you probably use the VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT) to improve the performance of the desktop. This tool takes quite some shortcuts in optimizing, blocking a lot of basic functionality which you might find handy. Most things can be re-enabled quite easily, but recently I’ve runMeer lezen over “Explorer thumbnail view disabled after running OSOT”


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